Giohà Giordano Academy

Giohà Giordano Academy is a female entrepreneurial reality that was born from the life experience of its founder Giohà Giordano with the aim of calling people back to awakening: awakening of one's own spiritual identity, awareness of personal talents, a unified vision of oneself themselves who holistically manifest autonomy and abundance in ordinary and extraordinary life.

All this through a 360 ° personal training both for those who want to follow an individual or professional growth path, and for those who want to make their talents and quantum holistic coaching a mission work.

Giohà Giordano Academy discovers talents and trains excellence!


Giohà Giordano


Quantica Coach, Lightworker and Holistic Trainer


Alessia Marchione


External Relations and Event Organization

To freelancers, operators in the holistic sector, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to get involved and who are ready to discover their personal talents through innovative solutions and practical tools that arise from the fusion of traditional approaches and quantum physics.

Giohà Giordano Academy offers training courses curated by Giohà Giordano, the result of a long process of studies and research that led it to develop its own personal and exclusive

teaching method.

Both group and individual meetings can be attended

both face to face and live online.

"The secret? Let yourself be surprised, play to receive more than you asked for. The effect of the transformation and the use of this method are unlimited and tied only to our own imagination. This is the magic. "

Giohà Giordano

Featured Events

  • Ritiro Estivo: i Misteri di Roma e dintorni
    23 Jul, 15:00 – 30 Jul, 20:00
    Lido di Ostia, Corso Duca di Genova, 26, 00121 Lido di Ostia RM, Italia
    Dal 23 al 30 Luglio 2022 un viaggio esoterico esperienziale con Giohà Giordano alla scoperta dei segreti che avvolgono Roma ed i suoi dintorni. Scopri i dettagli:
  • Medianità dei Quanti®: dimostrazione pubblica con Giohà Giordano
    20 Jul, 20:00 – 23:30
    Roma, Piazzale Marcellino Champagnat, 2, 00144 Roma RM, Italia
    Giohà Giordano torna a Villa Eur Parco dei Pini con una serata dedicata alla Medianità dei Quanti con dimostrazione pubblica.


"Since I had the first Quantic Power meeting my days are protected. Everything, in its themes, is resolved in the best way. Solutions always come out: it is as if the Universe had stretched its gaze on me giving me its attention .

The other day they also told me, but you are really lucky!

This only with the Quantic Power good morning technique.

So good morning life!


"There is no time or space. Dreams are real and being yourself is mandatory - anything is possible with Quantic Power ® !

The waves make you feel part of the ocean, all is one. "


Quantic Power was for me a reflection of rebellion against a dying society, a boost to life. For me it is a high road, there are no others.


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