Cristina Casadei Olivieri

I embarked on my personal growth journey in 2012 as I felt the need to reshape my life path in order to learn to deal with change, know myself and improve, gaining awareness.
Over time I felt the need to support people who wanted to change their lives to help them face it better.
So, in 2015, I graduated becoming Advisor in Eudynamics: an alternative and complementary discipline that works by balancing the endogenous electromagnetic circulation. In 2018 I became a Quantum Operator at the Giohà Giordano Academy where my path is still being updated. I also had the luck and the opportunity to follow several experiential seminars:
Since 2013 I have been a practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu, Chen style Tai Ji and Qi gong.

* 2013 - Nocciolo duro , Public Speaking, Self coaching, Self Value - con Max Formisano

* 2013 - Respiro con Max Damioli

* 2013 - Eros ed Ego con Igor Sibaldi

* 2013 - Karma con il Lama Tubthen

* 2014 - Ipnosi e Respiro con Max Damioli

* 2014 - Seminario online di Immaginazione creativa con Francesco Fornaro

* 2015 - Eudinamica con l’ideatrice del metodo Angela Gentile; Disciplina riconosciuta dallo CSEN tesserino n° 13789

* 2016 - Seminario in Slovenia di Tai Ji e Qi gong con il Maestro Paolo Bolaffio

* 2016 - Seminario intensivo di Mappe Mentali con Alberta Cuoghi

* 2017 - Corso propedeutico di Shiatsu con il Maestro Luca Michelacci

* 2017 - Corso Propedeutico di Qi Gong con il Maestro Diego Rillo

* 2018 - Corso base online di Numerologia Evolutiva con Lifelearning

* 2018 - Operatrice quantica con Giohà Giordano Academy

* 2019 - Strategie dominanti con Marco Merangola

Giohà Giordano Academy


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