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Personal Defense Course

with Elvira TAurino

FRIDAY 18.00 / 19.30

Self defense is an evolutionary path, an experience of growth, full of infinite facets. Self defense is a need that arises with the living being.

All   living beings need to defend themselves and defend. In this, as in another, the  natura manifests its perfection and its immense wealth.

Every living being is   endowed with peculiarities, its own characteristics through which it interacts with   the outside and with other beings, adapting specific and successful defense schemes.  

This is particularly evident in animals , while in the human race everything   is more susceptible to imperfection or even to suffering and failure.

We beings  human in fact, we need a path of awareness, knowledge, healing  e, only later, are we able to live the personal defense or to defend third parties.

In over thirty years of experience, sporting and professional, martial and social, of  docente and coach, I came into contact with various methods of defense  personale, vere and its own branches of study and style, codes acquired in Italy and in the   eastern countries .

The defense and counterattack schemes are infinite, as infinite are the  possibility of interaction of beings who "meet" and "collide" with each other and   in space.

I learned from these experiences that their study remains inapplicable  se, upstream, there is no training in self-knowledge , in individuation   and in analysis their fears, their traumas, their cultural heritage.

This is   the reason why, in my self-defense courses, I offer the experience of making our true essence aware.


Bioenergetics together with the application   of quantum physics, is the basis, the electromagnetic field , the energy that animates us,   so much for the study of defense and our strengthening are related to the acquisition of quantum techniques, exactly like the one offered by Gioha  Giordano Academy , through Giohà Giordano's Quantic Power



Participation fee

€ 15.00 for each lesson

€ 50 monthly

Location of the course

Giohà Giordano Academy

Corso Duca di Genova, 26, 00121 Lido di Ostia 

For information and reservations

Alessia Marchione 392.8892777


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