Golden Elixir


The Golden Elixir is also known as Aurum Potabilis , alchemical gold, drinkable gold, red lion and is the highest expression of alchemical wisdom. It is called The Universal Medicine as it acts on all the bodies of the human Being, from the spiritual to the physical, helping him to reach healing.

It is “liquid” sunlight, divine energy that makes itself available for human beings.

It helps where there is the need to bring "life".

  • It conveys heat and "fire", bringing energy where it is lacking

  • When we need to activate or reactivate

  • Returns the will to live to those who have lost it. Very useful in depressions

  • It brings strength to resist external attacks both psycho-spiritual and physical level

  • It gives vigor to the physical body, making a large amount of energy available

  • Increases respiratory capacity

  • It is a powerful detoxifier

  • It stimulates and balances the whole nervous system

  • Balances the endocrine system

  • Stimulates cell regeneration

  • It acts directly on the cell nucleus

  • It acts as a powerful stimulant of the immune system


Golden Elixir 3,5 ml


Golden Elixir 7 ml