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Hatha Yoga Course

with Massimo Olivieri

TUESDAY 9.30 / 11.00


Yoga is a millenary practice aimed at the psychophysical well-being of the person.

The teacher Massimo Olivieri practices and proposes classic Hatha Yoga .


Hatha from Sanskrit means "physical", in the sense that it is a yoga aimed at bringing strength , flexibility , elasticity to the body . But Hatha is also the union of Ha, the sun and Tha the moon, therefore a yoga also aimed at the union of opposites. Opposites inevitably present in our being (sadness-contentment, anger-tranquility, boredom-joy, satisfaction-dissatisfaction, etc.). Opposites that through practice we try to cancel in order to find an emotional balance that leads us towards a stable inner serenity in facing everyday life.


The   lessons last 1 hour and a half, of which about 1 hour of movements and positions to loosen and strengthen the body; 15 minutes of breath control to bring stillness to the mind; 15 minutes of relaxation to absorb / soak up the work done.


Participation fee

€ 15.00 for each lesson

€ 50 monthly

Location of the course

Giohà Giordano Academy

Corso Duca di Genova, 26, 00121 Lido di Ostia 

For information and reservations

Alessia Marchione 392.8892777


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