Maya line


The line of 60 metalchemic remedies , created to help alignment with one's interdimensional matrix or galactic identity according to the Mayan calendar


The Nuclei of the remedies comprise a blend of floral essences and ethereal oils, enhanced with the vibrational information of alchemically liquefied stones, gold and alchemical meterorite, which carry the energetic information of the Sun and the Galaxy , respectively.


Solar glyphs or tribes

Line of 20 metalchemic remedies, linked to the galactic energy of the Sun and then transmitted to our planetary system. The goal of the remedies is to elevate to the acquisition of a solar consciousness and then enter a possibility of contemplating a connection with the center of the Galaxy, thus contacting the Source.

The nuclei of the remedies include : the vibrational information of the alchemical meteorite (information of the Galaxy), of the alchemical gold (information of our Sun) and from a mixture of floral essences and etheric oils to favor a tuning with a particular solar glyph.


Time Wave

Line of 20 metalchemic remedies ,  connected to the harmonic module Tzolkin, which lasts 260 turns and is divided into several cycles. Each 13-day cycle is called an enchanted wave, representing the ensemble of 13 galactic musical notes. Inside the harmonic module are contained 20 enchanted waves, which multiplied for 13 days create a plot of 260 Kin, the sacred calculation of the Galactic Temple.

The Line Time Wave remedies have been created to tune in to a particular space-time moment, on which you can focus your attention in order to harmonize a particular situation that needs to be healed, if connected to a wound. Or recalled to create anchors  benefits if connected to significant moments in a positive sense of one's life.

The remedies cores   include a combination of remedies from the  Line Solar glyphs_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_1384-136bad5cf58d5_Lattoni-136bad5cf58d_ , linked to the respective glyphs and tones of that particular wavespell.


Galactic Tones

Line of 13 metalchemic remedies , linked to the primary patterns of radiant energy, pure radio pulsations. Each of the 13 tones represents a pulsation that informs the matter (Solar Glyph) and from the combination of the two the Kin are born, which in addition to representing the days of a given cycle, also represent the information of one's own solar galactic journey on earth. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The nuclei of the remedies include a blend of floral essences and ethereal oils, enhanced with the vibrational information of alchemically liquefied stones