My Healers Line - Harmonization of the 5 wounds

In the basic course of Giohà Giordano's Quantic Power® the theme of the 5 Wounds is addressed, an atavistic knot around which the sufferings of the human being develop and take root:






Thanks to the  Quantic Power® by Giohà Giordano  it is possible to intervene to cancel not only the wound, but the fear, the desire and the mask connected to each of them by integrating the ' Empowering Me in Action : I recognize myself, I am, I take the right, I love myself, I respect myself.

Giohà Giordano has integrated this study with the  My Healers Line , composed_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_My Healers Line emotional and spiritual connected to the 5 Wounds . The nuclei of the remedies include a mixture of floral essences and essential oils.


Ingredients: Fructose syrup, essential oils of: Cananga odorata flowers, Osmanthus fragrans flowers, Santalum album wood; Flower essences of: Prunus avium, Lavandula officinalis, Myosotis arvensis


Ingredients: Fructose syrup, essential oils of: Nardostachys jatamansi roots, Commiphofa molmol resin, Cynnamomum zeylanicum bark; Flower essences of: Wisteria sinensis, Syringa vulgaris, Acacia dealbata.


Ingredients: Fructose syrup, essential oils of: Myroxilon balsamum resin, Plumeria acutifolia flowers, Ocimum basilicum leaves; Floral essences of: Convolvolus arvensis, Verbena officinalis, Prunus armeniaca.


Ingredients: Fructose syrup, essential oils of: Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, Cupressus sempervirens tops and branches, Clary sage flower tops; Flower essences of: Galanthus nivalis, Convolvolus arvensis, Syringa vulgaris.


Ingredients: Fructose syrup, essential oils of: Rhododendron anthopogon leaves, Vanilla planifolia pods, Citrus bergamia peels; Floral essences of: Punica granatum, Magnolia officinalis, Lavandula officinalis