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business services

Giohà Giordano puts her training courses at the service of companies, the result of a long process of studies and research that have led her to develop her own personal and exclusive teaching method.

The Giohà Giordano Academy services designed for companies are:



Evolutionary Coaching is focused on evolution and radical change: making Talents emerge by making them a tool for personal success. Coach Giohà Giordano works on the existing potential, helping the coachee to overcome fears, disempowering beliefs and emotional blocks, starting a process of profound metamorphosis.

Goals of Evolutionaty Coaching:

  • focus on personal talents and goals

  • improvement of interpersonal and professional relationships

  • development of soft skills

  • new parent / child communication

  • youth orientation: choose, change, create your future

  • group coaching

  • trauma and bereavement processing.



Quantic Power® is a technique developed by Giohà Giordano, the result of in-depth and constant research work and experiences related to the world of Quantum Physics and integrated with other energy disciplines.

The technique works to undo all conscious and unconscious sabotage that inhibits the manifestation of personal goals. This happens thanks to the connection between intent and the excellent possibility already present as information in the Quantum Field: awareness creates reality!

Quantic Power® is the subject of a training course that Giohà Giordano Academy offers exclusively at the Rome and Milan offices.

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Business and role constellations: they are a specific application of systemic constellations which, used in the professional field, allow to bring out the talents and specificities of individuals and to harmonize them with those of the work team. A practical and effective intervention to help a function, an office or a company department to improve their relationships through a critical and at the same time constructive discussion guided by the coach.

Butterfly Effect Meditation®: this is an exclusive method of the Giohà Giordano Academy, based on guided and integrated transformational meditation with the use of specific frequencies whose goal is to train the mind for change.

Manual workshops : the team's commitment to activities other than those usually carried out and the stimulus to collaborate to complete the workshop, allows you to get to know new personal resources and to experience a different and more harmonious communication between the participants. The activities chosen for the manual workshops urge the participant both from an emotional and a logical analytic point of view.

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