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Summer Retreat:
the Mysteries of Rome
and surroundings

From 23 to 30 July 2022 an experiential esoteric journey with Giohà Giordano to discover the secrets that surround Rome and its surroundings.
Masters of Light, Star Brothers, Ghosts and much more for a week of manifestation and wonder!

Giohà Giordano Academy offers a traveling week that will have the Ostia headquarters as its operational base.

The retreat will be entirely structured to accompany the participants in living an experience of contact with energy, subtle reality and the Invisible World linked to the places that Giohà Giordano has chosen. It will be possible to experience communication with the Masters of Light, Memories and Ghosts, feel the Field, interact with nature and Intelligences, experience the ritual and, during the night, meet the stellar Brothers.



Saturday 23 July 2022

3.00 pm: Welcome to the Academy and opening of the works 

20.00: dinner

10.00 pm: mediumistic experimentation 

Sunday 24 July 2022: Appia Antica Regional Park

9.00 am: briefing at the Academy and departure

10.30 am:  appointment Appia Antica Park

The whole day will take place outdoors, with a packed lunch, inside the Appia Antica Regional Park, the most important remnant of the Agro Romano from a historical, archaeological and landscape point of view. In fact, it includes the Via Appia Antica and its surroundings, the Caffarella valley, the archaeological areas of the Aqueducts, Tor Fiscale and the tombs of the Via Latina, the Tenuta di Tor Marancia and that of the Farnesiana ._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Students will be able to listen to the history of the ancient Memories that still live along the Aurelian Walls and communicate with the Beings of Nature that populate the Sacred Wood and the Nymphaeum of Egeria, swimming in the Almone.

7.00 pm: return to Ostia and dinner

10.00 pm:   surprise activity






Bomarzo 2.jpg

Sacred Wood

of Bomarzo

Bomarzo 1.jpg

Sacred Wood
of Bomarzo

Cascatelle di san giuliano


Monday 25 July 2022: Sacro Bosco di Bomarzo

9.00 am: briefing at the Academy and departure

11.00: meeting at the entrance of the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo , an alchemical and hermetic garden built in the sixteenth century on commission of Prince Pier Francesco Orsini.

An initiatory journey wrapped in charm, mystery,   enigmas and magic. A park rich in symbolism, mythological references and games of illusion.

The imagination will be nourished by the presence of Mythological Monsters, stone constructions casket of ancient memories and Intelligences of Light ready to tell the mysteries of a unique Wood . 

The recalled soul will face its trials through a path of evolution and manifestation.

18.00: return to Ostia

20.00: dinner

10.00 pm: Surprise activity

Tuesday 26 July 2022: Ostia Antica Archaeological Park and Night Tour of the Ghosts of Rome

9.30 am: briefing at the Academy and departure

10.00 am: meeting at the entrance of the Ostia Antica Archaeological Park.

The morning and early afternoon will be dedicated to visiting the Park, testimony of the ancient Roman daily life, between Domus, Mitrei, Baths, Temples and much more in search of a contact with ancient memories and their stories.

4.00 pm: return to Ostia

19.00: dinner

9.00 pm: Walk   through the historic center of the Eternal City.  Giohà Giordano and illustrious spirits who will present themselves to reveal their secrets will accompany the participants on the path. As a journey through time we will meet the noblewoman Beatrice Cenci still near Castel Sant'Angelo, where she was beheaded. We will stay to listen to the stories and popular traditions told directly by the whisper of the protagonists and, perhaps, we will be able to listen to the voice of Cagliostro!

Ostia Antica 2.jpg


Fantasmi Roma.jpg

The Ghosts of Rome

Cascatelle di san giuliano




of Monte Tosto



Cascatelle di san giuliano


Wednesday 27 July 2022: Cascatelle di Monye Tosto and Necropoli della Banditaccia

8.30 am: briefing at the Academy and departure

9.45 am: meeting in Cerveteri at the end of via del Fosso del Norcino: go all the way to its end; there is a gate and it will be possible to park.

Unesco site since 2004, the Necropolis is the best example of Etruscan funerary architecture. What better place to communicate with the memories of the dead and experience mediumistic archeology ?

The day also includes an interesting experience in nature along the path that leads to the Cascatelle di Monte Tosto where we will stop for a packed lunch and a regenerating bath.

7.00 pm: return to Ostia and dinner

10.00 pm:   surprise activity

Thursday 28 July 2022: Dead City of Canale Monterano

9.00 am: briefing at the Academy and departure

11.00 am:  Arrival at the Diosilla car park - Monterano Regional Nature Reserve. We will follow the path that leads to Borgo Fantasma , meeting along the way the Diosilla Falls, the Zolfatara, the Cavone and the Ruins of the Church of San Rocco, energy points of contact and manifestation.

Already from the entrance of the Ghost Village you enter a place out of time, surrounded by a natural environment to listen to the world of beyond . Monti della Tolfa, maintains its ancient structure intact as a testimony of its noble past.  

We will stop along the way for a packed lunch.

18.00: return to Ostia

20.00: dinner

10.00 pm: Surprise activity

Monterano 2.jpg



Cascate Diosilla.jpg


Cascatelle di san giuliano



Beech forest

of Lake Vico


Monti Cimini


Friday 29 July 2022: Beech forest of Lake Vico - Monti Cimini

9.00 am: briefing at the Academy and departure

11.00 am:  Arrival at the car park of the Baita La Faggeta (Loc. Faggeta, 01038 Soriano nel Cimino VT) and start of the path in the Woods. The Faggeta, declared a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2017, is among the largest in central Italy and shows a landscape that alternates centuries-old trees with trachytic boulders full of the volcanic and magmatic energy that generated them.

After experiencing the contact with the elements of Fire and Earth, we will move to the coast of Lake Vico to welcome the Water element. During the day it will be possible to connect with the ancient memories and with the Beings of Nature that populate the Old Beech Wood , listening to the story of the Masters Trees and Rocks . These woods too, like the previous stages of this traveling week, are frequented by the Stellar Brothers.

18.00: return to Ostia

20.00: dinner

10.00 pm: Surprise activity

Saturday 30 July 2022: Day of the event and closing party

10.00: appointment at the Academy

11.00 am:  we will move to the sea to experience the event.

Circles of power, sounds, chants and more!

18.00: Closing party



Lido di Ostia


Lido di Ostia



Cost of the course: for those who register no later than Thursday 23 June, the OFFER price is  590.00 euro including VAT instead of 850.00 including VAT.

The amount includes:

  • participation in all the activities of the week, both those already planned and the surprise ones that will be inserted 

  • entrance to parks and structures

Meals: 180.00 euro   iva  inclusa 

The amount includes:

  • packed lunch from Sunday 24th to Saturday 30th July 2022

  • dinner from Saturday 23 to Friday 29 July. The dinners will be hosted by the Restaurant 029.  The menu, based on meat or fish, includes appetizer, first course, second course, side dish, dessert  and water. Any allergies or food preferences must be communicated in advance.

Transfer: 180.00   euro   iva  inclusa_cc758905-5cde-3194badd

For those who wish to do so, it is possible to take advantage of the transfer service. In fact, we have foreseen two minivans with which all movements will be managed. The fee already includes fuel costs.

For those who need to stay overnight, we have entered into agreements with reception facilities close to the Giohà Giordano Academy headquarters, compatibly with availability at the time the request is forwarded.

Registration will be considered formalized with the payment of a deposit equal to 30% of the total amount by:

  • bank transfer to the UniCredit current account in the name of Giohà Giordano Academy Srls IBAN IT 92 C 02008 05213 000104745747 or

  • top up Postepay card headed to Alessia Marchione number 5333171051478572 CF. MRCLSS80L63H501H 

It will be possible to choose to participate in only some of the activities or days on the program . The details and costs of the individual events will follow.

For information and reservations:    

Alessia Marchione: 392.8892777 -






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