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Alessandra Manfreo

tel + 39  333 257 4493


My name is Alessandra and I have been living in Turin for about 3 years (the city I fell in love with).

I became a Quantic Power operator in April 2018 after attending the first three levels in 2017 and precisely the first level in January, the second level in May and the third level in July.

In 2020 I continue my training at Giohà Giordano Academy and I become a certified Quantic Power ® Giohà Giordano Academy trainer.

What about me ... I approached the holistic world more consciously a few years ago as a purely research of personal growth, as at the moment I still work as an employee in the engineering sector.

I say consciously because since adolescence or even younger I followed my older sisters in various of their experiences so much that I always enjoy saying that I grew up on bread and New Age.

But having not been experiences resulting from my awareness after taking the first Usui level of Reiki at about 20 years old, I moved away and then resumed with my rhythms and my feeling in my early thirties with courses of the Brain Up by Nicoletta Todesco, thanks to which I could have the experience of walking on hot coals at an Antony Robbins stage "Unleash the Power Within" in London in 2007.

Incredible experience as this thing I missed when I decided to participate. I don't tell you my face when Antony announced this on the first day of the internship .... but as Giohà says every now and then ... it was my divine unconsciousness that guided me in this experience.

But I made the leap in 2014 by participating in Igor Sibaldi's courses in Rome in January "Disobedience", in June "Angel Consultations", in October "The I and the Infinite" and in February in Treviso " Invisible ".

In 2014 I also did the two levels of Mark Komissarov's Infovision course, in Bologna in August the first level where I met Giohà and in December in Padua the second level.

The work I currently do took me to Turin at the end of 2015 and in September 2016 I finally attended a Giohà course on talents and then in January 2017 I started the adventure and the journey with Quantic Power.

In May 2017 I became an operator of the Bowen or Bowtech Technique and in November I attended a Californian Massage course.

What I can add is that the Quantic Power is an incredible tool for me and as a very skeptical friend I treated says: “it is to be tried for longer, as with each treatment, this technique works deeper and deeper.

Although one may not believe that it works, it is to be placed in a state of 360 ° openness to be able to enjoy the sensations that trust and trust in the excellent possibilities that each treatment can bring ". "

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