Dancing with the White-Bison Woman. Constell the masculine and feminine

The Way of the White Dragon by Giohà Giordano, is a path of personal fulfillment that responds to the request for help of the man and woman who try to find their roots and at the same time discover their identity, through a new - ancient form of awareness.

Giohà Giordano, as a constellator for many years, has elaborated and channeled this shamanic journey to make her students live a trans-personal experience, awaken the true spiritual nature and give themselves permission to overcome empty stereotypes and anachronistic forms of power that accompany the history of mankind.


“Before birth, the soul of each of us chooses an image or drawing

that we will then live on earth,

and receives a companion to guide us up here, a Daimon,

which is unique and typical of ours.

However, in coming into the world, we forget all this

and we believe we have come empty.

It is the Daimon who remembers the content of our image,

the elements of the chosen design,

he is therefore the bearer of our destiny ”.

J. Hillman, The Code of the Soul

This experiential path proposed by the Academy is to help students refine their senses, awaken extrasensory powers and recognize their talents.


Each Circle is dedicated to the weaving of the dream.

Dancing the dream to create a new direction, a new project, a new professional and personal fulfillment in life.

The percussion and rhythms in the Circle open the field to energies of power, Giohà channels and invites the White Dragon of the five elements to manifest and help students to create.


The Dragon blows new inspiration into the minds of men and women.

They have in common the intent to transcend every ordinary aspect of life and to explore new spaces and worlds to learn new Revelations.

The magic is that the Divine I nurtures the states of Consciousness we are made of and weaves the new dream, a new opportunity.

The Northern Way is characterized by the Rite and initiatory steps towards enlightenment:

The Rite affirms what we believe.

The Rite sets the magic in motion with strength and harmony.

The Rite is the bridge to transformation.

The Rite honors and celebrates change.

THE Rite is the sacred space where the vision of the dream manifests itself, and everything takes shape

The initiate who prepares to be a shaman walks this path and is whispered by archaic and mysterious words. The Shamanism of the Quantum is manifested through the Master Runes that accompany Man to rediscover the meaning of life, the awakening of Consciousness, the City of Light, Asgard.

“With this spirit of sacredness, I bring to the world intense residential seminars dedicated to this Initiatory and Shamanic Way that I have represented and channeled for many years.

This Way is enriched and supported by my Masters and by the experiences and researches that have led me to do in the Quantum World, the science of the excellent possibility, of the possible changes for the personal and planetary evolutionary awakening.

This is to accompany students to explore the many worlds in modified states of Consciousness supported by the Runes with Norse shamanic rituals brought into everyday life.

Norse shamans practice and practice the Seidr, the magical art of creation, the changing of events, communicating with all forms of life; the art of going beyond the physical body by traveling between the 9 Worlds accompanied by the Daimon.

Entering the worlds represents an initiation that students experience with my support and guidance. The 9 worlds open between the roots of the Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil, which represents the collective unconscious and the cosmic consciousness of all creation. The student journey brings a new vision to the world of the Gods, to the City of Light, Asgard. "

To fully experience the awakening of the Consciousness in the shamanic journey, Giohà Giordano Academy schedules two residential appointments, three intense days accompanied by sounds, enveloping rhythms in the sound of the Drum that represents the stargate, the bridge to the Worlds.


The vibrations of rhythmic sounds have a profound effect on brain activity. The drum beats shift the students' state of consciousness into other realms of “non-ordinary reality.

The vibrations of this constant rhythm affect the brain in a very specific way, which allows you to reach an altered state of mind, in order to travel in a precise state of consciousness not ordinary for Shamanic Extraction, communicate with the Spirits of Nature, Spirits of Places, Plants and Elements and for the Recovery of the Soul, to unify each fragment divided by pain into unity.

Death and Dying in shamanism are important themes, rediscovering oneself as a psychopomp has great importance, it is the one who accompanies the deceased beyond the veil to rise into the Light.

The Dance of Vision with songs and sounds gives the possibility to get out of this reality and have deeply ecstatic and healing experiences of one's life.

The Shamanic Divination through the reading of the Signs, Omens, Natural Forms to help oneself and others.

The abilities that the shaman discovers about himself are:

1. Ability to travel to the Underworld or Other Worlds

2. Knowledge of ritual dances and natural mimesis

3.Knowledge of herbs and their properties

4. To be a master of wild animals and initiations

5. Psychopomp functions.

6. The Art of bending, dilating and contracting Time.

Giohà Giordano Academy


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