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About us

Giohà Giordano Academy is a female entrepreneurial reality that was born from the life experience of its founder Giohà Giordano with the aim of calling people back to awakening: awakening of one's own spiritual identity, awareness of personal talents, a unified vision of oneself themselves who holistically manifest autonomy and abundance in ordinary and extraordinary life.

All this through a 360 ° personal training both for those who want to follow an individual or professional growth path, and for those who want to make their talents and quantum holistic coaching a mission job.

Giohà Giordano Academy discovers and trains excellence!

Quantic Power, GiohArt Coaching, Mediumship of Quantum, Shamanism 5.0, a journey into the life of man to learn the art of manifestation and become co-creators of one's own reality in the balance between the material and spiritual world, between ordinary and extraordinary.

A unique training path that makes use of the techniques developed in over thirty-five years of studies and research by the President Giohà Giordano.

The training is based on the innovative "Quantic Power" method which is used "exclusively" by the Giohà Giordano Academy.

Who do we turn to?

  • Single people who want to approach love and who are looking for the person in resonance

  • Couples who feel the need to renew and rediscover their relationship through common growth

  • All those who want to open up to a new sociability , meet new friends in a protected sharing space, free from judgment and open to excellent possibilities

All services and activities will be tailored to the needs of the person. We are all unique and unrepeatable, for this reason everyone will be accompanied on a path of excellent possibility and wonder.

Giohà Giordano, Alessia Marchione and our Soul Coaches Loretta Ianiro and Federico Gambini will work together to make every experience unforgettable and unique!


Training and coaching

  • Free cognitive interview for inclusion in the Incontro di Souls database . The cognitive interviews will be held by the two Soul Coaches Loretta Ianiro and Federico Gambini. The Coaches will be available to listen, direct and advise on the individual, couple or group path that most resonates with the person.

  • Individual and couple coaching

  • Empathic communication

  • Individual and couple mediumistic family constellations , led by Giohà Giordano



  • Networking evenings

  • Themed events: rediscover the emotion of a meeting

  • Romantic weekends for singles and couples, tailor-made

  • Adventurous weekends for singles and couples , tailor-made


  • Symbolic Weddings and Blessing:   Celtic, Shamanic, Maya Handfasting, Rite of Light, Ritual of the tree. Sand ritual. All weddings will be celebrated by Giohà Giordano who will choose the most suitable rite for the couple. The spouses will be able to make use of the support of the  Team Incontri Di Anime which will accompany them in the organization of all aspects of the ceremony, making use of partners, professionals and locations, able to best satisfy every type of need. The celebration can have an exclusively spiritual character or be integrated into a civil marriage.

  • Renewal of promises

  • Alchemical Marriage with oneself: Rite of Rebirth.  The path of personal growth allows you to reconnect with your own Spiritual Identity, with our Ancestral Light. Celebrating this rebirth to new life and awareness is the goal of this ceremony.

  • Shamanic and spiritual baptism

Decorazioni per matrimoni

Are you ready to start this new journey full of emotions?

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