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Ancient Texts and Western Man:
vocabulary and paths

with Gianfranco Rucco

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Lecture series "Ancient texts and Western man: lexicon and paths" with Gianfranco Rucco.


Western man today is the result of millennia of a civilization and a culture that were founded on ancient texts , some of which are considered "sacred", to which meanings have been attributed dependent on official and "orthodox" translations and interpretations that , over time, they have determined the consolidation of a structured belief system that has gradually no longer been questioned.

Progressively, these beliefs have become disempowering and have limited the possibility for Western man to access the higher levels of his consciousness, those of the co-creative capacity.


Are we really sure that the translations and interpretations on which that system is based are correct or are the only possible ones?

In these meetings we will examine from the philological and historical point of view the main texts on which the construction of the system was based in order to try to understand if the meanings chosen may not be exact or the only possible ones.

Knowing the truth about those texts and grasping their meaning, in fact, represents the first step towards liberation from the system of disempowering beliefs.



  • The Laws of Correspondence and Attraction - January 29, 2022

  • One or many deities? - March 26, 2022

  • Divinity: masculine, singular? - April 23, 2022

  • The divine: in man or outside him? - May 21, 2022

  • Reincarnation and Christianity - June 25, 2022

  • Wisdom Traditions and Money - September 3, 2022


Participation fee

€ 15.00 per appointment

Location of the course

Giohà Giordano Academy

Corso Duca di Genova, 26, 00121 Lido di Ostia 

For information and reservations

Alessia Marchione 392.8892777


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