White Elixir


The  White Elixir  is the  alchemical remedy_cc781905-bad5-alchemical area 136-bbc5-bad5 allowing us a delicate and not drastic gradual introspection, which re-attunes us with our interior, softening and filing at the same time our excesses.

It balances the female part in each of us, the one archetypally linked to the night, the moon, creativity, introspection and empathy.

Re-attune our perceptiveness and the ability to listen with our most authentic self and its needs; it reshapes our relationship with others and our conception of life, transmuting the shortcomings that torment us into a full pacified acceptance, making our life a constant and harmonious flow and no longer a fluctuating climb.


Defined as " Lunar Elixir ", therefore linked to the night as a moment of introspection, of creative power, of intuition, of a journey within ourselves and a phase in which we let ourselves go freely.

  • it conveys the energy bringing freshness and harmony where there is an excess of fire or heat;

  • it is very useful in cases of excess stress;

  • ideal for restoring the correct circadian cycle;

  • it nourishes the Yin to favor the male / female energy balance;

  • it helps to solve the problems that involve insomnia, nocturnal awakenings, restless sleep, sweating;

  • fights asthenia, fatigue and heaviness, helping to regain lightness and fluidity;

  • relaxes and dissolves the tensions that the physical body tends to accumulate, especially due to daily stress;

  • regularizes breathing, making it slower and deeper;

  • stimulates the cerebral functions of the right cerebral hemisphere;

  • ideal for those suffering from anxiety, nervousness;

  • combined with the Golden Elixir, it restores the correct harmony between masculine and feminine, making them complementary


White Elixir