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Aurum , our new   partner , is a laboratory of preparations of Alchemy and Spagyria , based in Rimini. The peculiarity of his work is that of having developed the most ancient and traditional procedures of Alchemy up to the conception and realization of something absolutely new and innovative, flexible and infinitely creative: the MetAlchimia®.

All this, while preserving all the most ancient knowledge and methods intact.

Continuous research has led to the creation of very high frequency products which, including the new acquisitions of quantum physics, neuroscience, study and research on the frequencies of alchemical gems, the energies of flowers, colors and etheric oils, are able to respond to the most diverse needs in the fields of so-called Holistic Medicine, as well as the search for the global well -being of the spirit, mind and body.

Giohà Giordano integrated  Aurum's products at Quantic Power ®: Alchemy, Spagyria, Quantum Physics applied for the return to spiritual psycho-physical well-being . 



Thanks to the partnership between Giohà Giordano AcademyAurum ,

by accessing e-commerce through our site

you can get a special discount of 10%  

Do not miss the opportunity, CLICK on the individual products and experiment!

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