There is neither time nor space. Dreams are real and being yourself is mandatory - anything is possible with Quantic Power ® !

The waves make you feel part of the ocean, all is one.


  • Total opening of the senses and better rest;

  • Strength to be able to do things, clarity in thoughts and the possibility of dreaming;

  • Ability to materialize and reduce time;

"Every day with Quantic Power ® I s better ent"

"I'm free"

Thanks Giohà!



I have been practicing Quantic Power ® for two months and I have had a lot of immediate feedback on how effective and fast this fantastic technique is.

The experience that has most impressed me so far has been with my daughter's speech therapist, because despite not knowing this technique at all, she had very strong registers.

The effects of Quantic Power ® were immediately seen, where her left arm began to make fast and wide turns and to my great amazement she was not scared but was happy that she was solving a problem she had as a child and that no doctor had never discovered the cause.

After the treatment she thanked me because I was healing her arm, but I wanted to clarify that I am only the "Bridge", the means instead was her will and her abandonment that were allowing her to heal.

She asked me to do other treatments.

Thanks Giohà and thanks to Quantic Power ® .


My son went to Milan to look for work and his dream is to work for a large tailor's shop. I worked remotely with Quantic Power ® by sending him love, I visualized his talks with positive results, sending him self-confidence and courage.

He was hired a month ago in an important Italian tailoring firm with branches all over the world. He is pleased to have fulfilled his dream.

I keep sending him love at a distance, I know he is protected by my love contact.

Thank you very much Giohà: you have provided me with tools to be his mother even from a distance.


"If an egg is broken by an external force, life ends.
If it is broken by an internal force, a life begins.
Great things always start from within. "

Here is the strength of Giohá: having the immense humility of not imposing oneself as an external force, also risking to create addictions, and to transmit a method to increase one's awareness.
A complete awareness, both with respect to the metabolization and liberation from past experiences, and with respect to the excellent possibilities for the present, strictly linked to the personal responsibility of self-realization.
Rationally, we all want the best for us and our loved ones, but in the reality of the heart (weighed down by limiting fears and negative, not necessarily sensational experiences) it is difficult to let go and welcome serenity, without running into a sea of ​​subtle feelings of guilt.
Allowing myself to be traversed by the vibrations and advice of Giohá represented for me the total acceptance of myself; granting me the change was the material turning point.
We cannot wait for everything around us to be perfect before we are happy: the quantum leap lies in nourishing and protecting our serenity, despite what happens to us.

Giohá recalled that creature, reminding her that life is not inside the egg shell ...

And now that creature has taken flight!

But this journey together continues!

Thanks Giohá and thanks Alessia!


Quantic Power was for me a reflection of rebellion against a dying society, a boost to life. For me it is a high road, there are no others.



I was dead and I never noticed! Quantic Power has transformed me into a new person, I look at life and my surroundings with new eyes.