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Greetings from the President

Giohà Giordano

My name is Giohà Giordano, I am a medium and Lightworker since birth, Bridge of love with Parallel Worlds, Divine Dimensions and Intelligences.

My birth is studded with particular phenomena, such as speaking unknown languages or visions that are transformed into drawings, then into paintings of the Invisible Worlds that my Masters showed me. Each time their presence is followed by a state of wonder, my intellectual, creative, spiritual and extrasensory abilities are expressed in a single reality and allow me to create paintings both in trance and not, with chromatic tones able to excite and excite me.

And again the contact with Mother Earth welcomed me and showed me the Nature of the Earthly Creation and how sacredness is expressed in it: the Divine Source of every birth that gives and sustains the life that returns to Her to be reborn as in the cycles. vegetation, with the power of water, fire, stones, animals, mountains, trees and flowers. Mother Earth showed me the Center, Heart of connection with the Great Mother . Confessor of this truth, the Great Mother manifests herself in me and my Mission is to bring the Awakening of Consciousness into the World by making my body a means of manifestation of Her, the Great Mother.

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I became a seeker of "Happiness" for myself and for those who accompany me.

Happiness is a state of love connected to the Source of Light and Creation. The mysterious Knowledge with which the Great Mother nourishes me is part of my private and professional life and manifests itself always and everywhere without separation: every time I paint, every time I enter the classroom to pass the theoretical and practical tools of the teachings I bring , in evening workshops or mediumistic events. Everything I do has a single point of union: the Great Mother .

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It has not always been easy to accept being part of this Earth, despite the fact that I loved it and love it with all of myself, and mediumship helped me never to break contact with the invisible but visible to me.
These talents have led me to a long path of study and research through Quantum Mediumship, Shamanism 5.0, Runology, up to the Applied Quantum Physics that has helped me to recognize even more the eternal Art of Transformation, now through the Great Mother the Transcendence.
Awakening is the access to the Potential of the Human Being.

Today I am President of the Giohà Giordano Academy, a training company founded with the aim of spreading an innovative holistic training integrated with applied quantum physics in Italy and around the world. This training leads man towards recognizing himself as a facilitator of his own changes, recognizing values, important drivers towards the awareness of his own actions made of responsible and autonomous freedom. A journey to rediscover oneself as a Person, the bearer of universal human values ​​towards the Awakening and transformation of the Consciousness to access the excellent possibilities that the Universe offers for material and spiritual life.

May this greeting be a welcome for all of you who are reading, but above all the beginning of a new journey to make together.

From Heart to Heart, in my Heart

Giohà Giordano

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