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Giohà Giordano Academy presents the path dedicated to the "Mediumship of Quantum".

This path is an initiatory journey towards the Infinite, to help the student to live the visible and the invisible in harmony and make this the Oneness of Himself. This journey helps to recognize one's potential, training the mind to be more and more receptive and welcoming towards the subtle phenomena that arise.

Why make a mediumistic and residential path? Activate and awaken one's psychic and mediumistic perceptions? This helps Man to be connected with the realities of the Quantum, with the reality of Creation, to be himself a co-creator of events, attuning to the beneficial and loving energies of the Earth, of the Parallel Worlds and Dimensions interconnected with each other. Man, himself, becomes a bridge, an instrument, a revelation of the Divine Intelligence that continually calls humanity to the awakening of conscience, knowledge, wisdom and responsibility.

This path initiates Man to understand that it is possible to communicate not only with the dead, but also with his deepest unconscious, his Higher Self and with

Beings of other realities.

The journey into the Quantum World has always fascinated and recalled me since I was a girl when I became aware of the paranormal phenomena that have accompanied me since birth. There is a lot of talk about Quantum Physics in all areas of life on this Earth, about how it is possible to transform every event into the excellent possibility and current physics has already demonstrated this. I experimented, researched, explored, studied how my phenomena could give reading of a modified state of consciousness or how it was possible to communicate with the world of the Spirit, the many Dimensions and the many Parallel Worlds, up to today where my Masters have passed the Quantic Power® technique.

The Quantic Power® method awakens the highest states of consciousness, initiates and consolidates the possibility of accessing our deepest extrasensory and mediumistic abilities, helping the student to recognize his talents and live the total experience of channeling and beyond.

Current mediumship needs to make the invisible visible, it calls Man to acts of responsibility and spiritual ethics for a global improvement of society.

"For many years I have been a trainer, this vocation and talent of teaching has always belonged to me, I remember that in the very first years of school age the sisters of the institute where I attended, entrusted me with younger children to help them in their studies. So that pass difficult topics. for some and taboo for others it has always been natural for me. Natural because I spend my life experience, my truths with the support and continuous teaching of my

Masters of Light.

I don't believe in randomness, but in the synchronicity of times. This is the time to break down all old beliefs, to reconnect to the Quantum World and awaken to create the New Reality we all aspire to. This renewed state of Consciousness no longer separates the visible from the invisible, it unifies it, opens the doors to the Divine Power of the Manifestation of Infinite Possibilities, accessing and learning useful teachings from the many realities in our reality "

According to contemporary physics, the Reality (Matrix) is composed in equal measure of energetic waves and particles - the Quantum - they form the light, the information and the materialization of life in the Universe. Thanks to numerous experiments it has been shown that particles are able to communicate with each other and their communication that it transfers to Earth is instantaneous.

Inside the - Matrix - where we live there is the Unified Morphic Field - we can imagine it as a network of information of the Universe, composed of waves and particles in contact, as mentioned, which bring useful changes to the unfolding of our life, allowing us to explore and investigate the Magic of the invisible with Quantum Physics and marvel at Manifestation.

The mediumistic path has two appointments in the current year, they are residential.

Why are they residential? To allow the student not to break the rhythm created by the experience that is manifesting, live the vision fully.

The awakening of consciousness in the state of presence activates the quantum mind which creates in fluidity and joy the possibilities of the manifestation that the student yearns for. Contemporaneity creates, what it means, the student leaving and canceling barriers and mental sabotage in the path of the mediumship of the Quantum, allowing himself to explore what seems impossible. This is possible because it is connected to the Ancestral Heart, central to activation and awakening.

Intuition, empathy and telepathy are necessary talents to access all invisible realities, both on and off the Earth.

Activate and awaken the awareness of how the Mediumship of the Quantum makes it possible to channel and explore the world of the deceased, to access the knowledge of one's Spirit Guides and Masters.

Activate and awaken and recognize one's own extrasensory and mediumistic talents and verify the content of the reading one does.

Activate and awaken the sixth and seventh center of harmony with the eighth. All this to raise the vibrations and connect to Divine Intelligence.
Each mediumistic theme addressed, allows the student not only to deepen the theoretical knowledge, but through practicing with guided quantum exercises and meditations, live the experience.

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