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The activation of the Talents Giohà Giordano

The activation of Giohà Giordano's Talents is above all a journey to discover that wonderful unknown that we are ourselves.

The search for man is born with man himself, for the innate need to find answers and solutions that support his life path. This is what moves his Heart when it opens to an exploration of what around him, visible and invisible, can accompany him towards a new acquaintance.

What often escapes man in this journey of research is the look towards his interior, where the extraordinary potential that is personal talents is hidden.

The energetic initiation of Giohà Giordano facilitates the reconnection with one's own higher state of Consciousness, with one's Ancestral Light , detonating from the field all that, consciously and unconsciously, creates a block to the manifestation. This allows the person to clearly "see" their talents and to express them fully in ordinary and extraordinary life.

The initiation of Giohà Giordano works with the frequency of 111 , the magnetic field of the Heart, a symbolic number that projects towards unity and a new beginning. It is for this reason that the cost of the treatment, which can take place both face to face and remotely, is 111 euros.

The activation of Giohà Giordano's Talents is a strong accelerator, not only of the inner and emotional processes, but also of projects underway or planned in daily and professional life.

It also allows access to the training courses of Giohà Giordano 's Quantic Power® and Quantic Power Mediumship®.

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