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Giohà and the Magic Mirror - E-book

A quantum fable by Giohà Giordano to teach children and remind adults of the magic of Life.
A magic mirror, a spiral of light, a butterfly, elves, dwarves, dragons and a flying horse accompany the little and great Giohà on her journey through the worlds.

And please, children, do not be trapped by the Dark World of Fear!

Remember to keep your dreams alive, only then will your Light continue to shine.

The fable is enriched by the painter's paintings that enchant the soul by making the imagination visible.

It is possible to buy the e-book on Amazon at a price of 4.99 euros.


8 June 2020 - Mediumistic Lithomancy © by Giohà Giordano

The art of mediumship has always been a search for man as an instrument of communication with the invisible and the mediumistic lithomancy with the use of crystals is like other methods a bridge of communication between the worlds.

Crystals and precious stones are Star Brothers, evolved Intelligences of Light who at the time transmuted their energy into matter by co-creating life on Earth and acquiring the name of Deva. Crystals are a quintessential communication medium. They are also condensers of the entire spectrum of Light, angular receptors and modifiers, regulators and projectors of the information emanating from the Energy (...)

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1 2 May 2020 - The Transcendental Mediumship © by Giohà Giordano and the Spiritual Identity

Once upon a time ... many tell fantastic stories. Fantastic is life and in truth my whole journey is reality. My name is Giohà Giordano, I manifest my mediumistic talents since birth and this has allowed me to explore the Invisible World.

My mediumistic nature led me to explore the invisible from a very young age and then deal with the fantastic Quantum World by experiencing not only communication with many parallel realities still invisible to the human eye, but also the manifestation of the excellent possibilities in this world, the Earth, and the extraordinary human potential for the co-creation of reality (...)

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The Magic Power of Words

The human being takes for granted the ability to communicate through words and underestimates the great power contained in them.

Every word we pronounce, think, write is released into the world, and being sound, energy, frequency, it emits vibrations that react on a psychophysical level in our organism. Depending on the signal and frequency emitted, it will produce a certain chemical response capable of affecting us positively or negatively.

Words that vibrate at high frequencies such as joy, beauty, happiness are received by the sound sensors of the cells with a coherent chemical response: the body will produce more serotonin and oxytocin, increasing psychophysical well-being. Conversely, low-frequency words such as hate, anger, sadness and disappointment will produce cortisol and free radicals in the physical body.

I remember how Masaru Emoto experienced the vibrational power of words, demonstrating their ability to transform reality. His experiments on the memory of water consisted in pouring it into containers on which some words were written and subsequently pronounced; this created a vibration so powerful that it changed the water crystal molecule. With words like gratitude, joy, love and peace, the water crystals created harmonious shapes, while with words like hate, war and disgust, the crystals created disharmonious shapes. This also happens in our reality: Body-Mind-Spirit change according to the frequency they receive.

Words Rule the World and it is time for them to be used responsibly.

I leave you with Albus Dumbledore:

"Words are, in my modest experience, our greatest and inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting pain and alleviating it"

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