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Quantic power ® certified trainers by Giohà Giordano


Antonella Trombetta, Brescia

+39 3358315532

Hi, I'm Antonella Trombetta

born on 7 September 1963 in the province of Brescia, married to Lorenzo and Leonardo's mother.

I am a Naturopath Specialized in Psychosomatics and Vibrational Medicine, Holistic Personal Trainer, Reiki Master and Natural Channeler.

My professionalism stems from my natural predisposition to the empathic relationship, to listening, to the strong intuition, sensitivity and sensitivity that has pushed me, for over 25 years, to deepen issues related to the personal and spiritual growth of the person and to train myself as a consultant and trainer in the field of psycho-physical well-being.


+39 335 675 2292

Studies and training


2004 - 2008: Healthy Qi Gong courses with Riccardo Airoldi, a student of prof. Li Xiao Ming

2006: Connective, myofascial and linear massage course at the Riccardo Airoldi Biotherapy Studio and Prof. Seminars. Li Xiao Ming "Peace of mind", "The five animals"


Alessandro Palmieri, Varese

+39 377 538 7661

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