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Marina Romeo

tel. +39 3472447232

I live in Turin, the city where I grew up. I attend compulsory school with nuns with dogmas that do not belong to me and after the eighth grade I choose the Art School.

I have a wonderful memory of those years, made up of ups and downs, but of great complicity with my teammates that I still feel. After high school, I am faced with a choice: either to continue with University or my great passion, which began at 6, dance.

I attend the University in Turin for a year, addressing languages, but as soon as I hear about dance auditions in Milan and Rome, I don't hesitate and take the train.

From there my artistic life begins, made up of sacrifices, but also of great satisfactions. Tourneè with big names in show business, television programs… but the disappointments are not late… closed doors in my face that have always taught me to never give up, with great dignity.

I encounter Buddhism which opens up other perspectives unknown to me: the human being is the architect of his own destiny… but how? they had taught me to suffer and be full of faults. Taking this path trying to learn as much as possible, I was thirsty for knowledge.

Life goes by, I always with the suitcase in hand. I decide to get married and start a family. In the meantime my father leaves this land and does it on my birthday a few days after my wedding. You are never ready ... the following year my first daughter was born, the same month as her birthday, which I think was a blessing and also the way to make me feel her presence. Difficult years, depressions accompanied by many because ...

Always curious about the functioning of quantum physics and so on, I document myself with books and videos.

One day, not by chance, I come across a video that arouses amazement in me: GIOHA 'was giving a live demonstration of how an energetic technique, QUANTIC POWER ® could revolutionize all physical laws and enhance the immediate manifestation of infinite possibilities.

Nothing is impossible, and it fit perfectly with what I had learned in many years of Buddhist practice. December 2016: I decide to meet her in Turin where she holds seminars… My journey begins to rediscover me. Although health does not accompany me, I attend all three levels in 2017 and in April 2018 I am an operator of Quantic Power ®.

After many years working on myself with discipline with Quantic, I delight with friends and relatives and I am always amazed to gain experience, the results are immediate.

Quantic Power ® taught me that you can unhinge old beliefs, undo sabotage, heal wounds, introduce new ones to start a new reality, ours, which is only ours, unique as we are.

I have always been encouraged and grateful to Gioha 'and Alessia, even when it seemed to me that I was not up to par; I was free to choose, because these are them: freedom.

I became a Quantic Power Certified Operator , and then a Quantic Power ® Certified Trainer by Giohà Giordano.

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