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Roberta Domenica Femia

tel +39 348 999 6568


My name is Roberta Domenica Femia and I was born in Turin on July 30th 1974.

Always employed in the insurance sector, at the age of 30, I feel a restlessness arise in me due to the fact that up to that moment, nothing of my life seemed to be fulfilled as I wanted.

From there, a solitary research path to understand the reasons and above all to change the cards on the table ....

Since 2004 I "impose" one trip a year and I start visiting places I dreamed of since I was a child and I discover that traveling is a Passion of mine, until then unknown to me ...

In 2006 I "fished out" another Passion from the drawer of wishes, makeup! I start attending a school for make-up artists on weekends, obtaining a diploma in basic, theatrical and cinematographic make-up.

From 2008 to 2012 I attend personal growth courses, various conferences and I undergo regressive hypnosis sessions in search of everything that could prevent my full realization!

In 2012 the acquired Awareness of being able to change everything (fears, conditioning, mental schemes etc ...) was a shock for me! I felt very powerful, the Wizard, the Captain of the ship. My!

In 2016, the intention to deepen some "particular potential" that accompanied me since birth, leads me to attend a seminar that will give me the meeting with Gioha 'Giordano.

From that moment and in complete serenity, the firm decision to start with her, a specific training path that would help me to develop all my extrasensory talents!

I am delighted with this decision!

The mediumistic and shamanic paths that I am following are bringing out qualities of Me that I did not know or that had remained hidden; Quantic Power, has speeded up every process, enriching my daily life, in every respect!

Infinitely grateful for these Gifts, I wish that each person could experience on themselves, the power of Change as it happened to me ....

From this was born, my decision to become Quantic Power ® certified operator and subsequently Quantic Power ® certified trainer Giohà Giordano!

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