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Quantic power ® certified trainers by Giohà Giordano


Roberta Domenica Femia, Turin

+39 348 999 6568

I was born in Turin on July 30th 1974.

Always employed in the insurance sector, at the age of 30, I feel a restlessness arise in me due to the fact that up to that moment, nothing of my life seemed to be fulfilled as I wanted.

From there, a solitary research path to understand the reasons and above all to change the cards on the table ....


Alessandra Manfreo, Turin

+39 333 2574493

My name is Alessandra and I have been living in Turin for about 3 years (the city I fell in love with).

I became a Quantic Power operator in April 2018 after attending the first three levels in 2017 and precisely the first level in January, the second level in May and the third level in July.

What about me ... I approached the holistic world more consciously a few years ago as a purely research of personal growth, as at the moment I still work as an employee in the engineering sector.

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Ivana Gelera , Val di Susa

+39 3486838348

My name is Ivana Gelera,

I was born on 7 August 1958 in Val di Susa where I still live ...

Until 2015 I was employed in a company and I dealt with production, but my curiosity led me to know and practice meditation, dynamic training courses, mental dynamics, Reiki. I loved and I love to travel the world, to make sense of what happens to me in life.

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  + 39 3472447232

I live in Turin, the city where I grew up. I attend compulsory school with nuns with dogmas that do not belong to me and after the eighth grade I choose the Art School. I have a wonderful memory of those years, made up of ups and downs, but of great complicity with my teammates that I still feel. After high school, I am faced with a choice: either to continue with University or my great passion, which began at 6, dance.

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